Modern-day melodic/theatrical rockers Wicked are back with the latest single/video from their new album – which turns out to be its title track, ‘Sunburn.’ The band (singer/guitarist Chad Michael, guitarist Scotty V, bassist Danny, and drummer Gunnar) are especially proud of the clip, which captures a 38-hour coast-to-coast drive, with its destination being Joshua Tree, CA. Directed and filmed by Longwood Media Group, the clip also stars actresses Chelsea “Cherry Baby” Anzalone and Kayla Balfe, and can be viewed via this link: https://youtu.be/FehNxak6ljE
As the band explains, “The second single off the upcoming sophomore album  ‘Sunburn’ gives the vibe of that saying, ‘too much of a good thing,’ and is accompanied by footage from our cross-country escape to California. We drove 38 hours straight in the band van from coast to coast, facing all the surprises old Route 66 had to offer – from storms to vehicle breakdowns and all the new faces we got to meet. From Cali beaches to the Joshua Tree desert, we brought our rock n’ roll party and burnt the candle at both ends. It was a perfect way to live out the metaphorical meaning of ‘Sunburn’ is a song about excess and its repercussions. Don’t miss what happens to the band in our music video after we invite these rock n’ roll ladies to our desert getaway!” 
And musically, Wicked describes “Sunburn” as “A punchy, punishing rocker, with sharpened punk edges and lyrical prowess that could have easily been played at an aggressive Michael Monroe show on the Lower East Side, or on MTV in the 90s by a band like Third Eye Blind. In 2023 it’s born with one purpose and that’s to fly the flag of that unapologetic Rock N Roll lifestyle and be your next summer anthem!”
Additionally, Wicked will be taking part in a livestream interactive release show dubbed “The Rock N Roll Circus Show” on December 8, 2023 at 8pm, which will be the kickoff of the series of this rock n’ roll variety show. The live streamed show will focus on the “Sunburn” single, but also featuring performances, behind the scenes footage, live interactions with the band, giveaways, and more, via this link: https://youtube.com/@WICKEDROCKNROLL?si=mVBzRSnoNyqD8NOb
“What else are you going to do in the dead of Winter? Might as well get geared up for next summer with this party anthem” – Gunnar  
“Sunburn puts the fun back in rock n’ roll. Top down, swimsuit on or off, it’s always summer somewhere” – Chad Michael  
“When you know it’s going to be trouble but that’s exactly the reason you want it so bad.” – Danny 
“Here’s another peak into the hottest rock n’ roll album you’ve ever heard. Take a rip and let this single burn!” – Scotty V


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