One of today’s most theatrical rockers, Wicked, has announced the release of their newest album, ‘Sunburn,’ to be released in March of 2024. And the band (singer/guitarist Chad Michael, guitarist Scotty V, bassist Danny, and drummer Gunnar) is especially pleased with their latest effort, as they explained in the statement: 

“The new album ‘Sunburn’ is a deliberate e-brake in our music and state of the band. After years of doing 80 mph in a 30 with no hands on the wheel, we decided there was so much more to what we had to share musically. Produced by 10-time Grammy winner Ignacio Molino, released through The Orchard and accompanied by 5 singles / videos, the album bares an authentic reflection on the highs and lows of being in a relentlessly hard-working rock band with all the euphoria and pain along the way. We looked inside for inspiration and made an album for us and not anyone else. Don’t miss the blend of inspirations from Third Eye Blind to Thin Lizzy and everything in between, the personified characters from each single like the ‘Gorgeous’ robot girl, and the cinematic destination music videos. Before you know it, you’ll be ‘living like a Sunburn!’”

The striking video for one of the album’s highlights, “Lost in the Dark,” was directed and filmed by Longwood Media Group in Salem, MA, and features Salem’s premier Occult Shop “Hermetic Arts” and owner / ceremonial magician David Newman. The clip also stars actress Kelly Monteiro, and depicts a story of love and passion found and lost in one of the most magical cities. 

The video can be viewed at https://youtu.be/Y7bMCeH5vJQ, while the single can be purchased or streamed via https://lnk.to/lostinthedarkpresave

The song itself is the first single off the upcoming sophomore album, ‘Sunburn.’ The song kicks off the band’s new release pulling from influences like Boston, Thin Lizzy, Toto, and Third Eye Blind. A melodic hard rock song about “the good girl gone bad” who’s shrouded in the dark arts and that type of “I can fix you” relationship.  A song that should be cranked up to 11 as you roll up to that tailgate, windows down, smoke billowing, on that I’m looking for trouble kinda night. Fuel injected with passion, urgency, and power like any good cocktail mix of cannon-like drums, harmonizing guitars, lustful lyrics, and fiery vocals.

“When magic and romance meet in a hard rock power pop tune” – Chad Michael 

“The lyrics paint just the right picture of that girl who is trouble, but you just can’t get enough of” – Danny  

“Some chick inspired a sexy, passionate song, which inspired an even sexier video, and that inspires me” – Scotty V

“I can’t believe it’s actually happening!” – Gunnar   

FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT: https://linktr.ee/wickedrocknroll
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