African metallists Skinflint return on Friday, February 17, 2023 with their sixth release overall, ‘Hate Spell,’ which will be immediately supported by almost a month’s worth of live dates in the US – when the trio tours with Soulfly. Comprised of guitarist/vocalist Giuseppe Sbrana, bassist Kebonye Nkoloso, and drummer Cosmos Modisaemang, Skinflint’s latest album will be issued via Into Records, and retains the raw sound and inspiration from African Mythology that has come to define Skinflint. And to kick things off is the just-issued video for the standout track, “Sasabonsam,” which can be viewed via this link: 

“We wanted to stay as honest and true as possible to the source material,” explains Sbrana about the new album. ‘We are not fans of overproduced records. The rawness and grittiness, the imperfections of the human touch, gives a lot of personality to a recording. Above all we trusted the process, and allowed ourselves to be in the moment, it’s more about heart and character than perfection. I think we can be proud of this work.”

“This album to me is aggressive but also therapeutic in the sense that it blows away tension, and I hope to inspire others too,” adds Modisaemang. “As for me, metal has been a way to release aggression and tension in a non-violent way.” And Nkoloso also shares his thoughts, “This album carries the signature sound of Skinflint inspired by African methodology. Can’t forget the sleepless nights of music writing and studio rehearsals during the peak of the pandemic. I don’t get tired of listening to the songs and I bet our fans are gonna have a blast too! ROCK ON!”

From start to finish, the album is simply ferocious, including such standouts as “Sasabonsam” (“In the song it’s a story about a figure that replicates your deepest fantasies in your mind, but her true form is a bat like creature with giant wings and a snake tail”), “Blood Dripping from Torso to Toes” (“About a serial killer”), “Bloody Quills” (“The hole a porcupine digs is said to be a portal to the spirit world in many African myths”), “Eloko” (“Dwarf-like evil spirits who rise from graves”), and “Juju King” (“Madness and more madness!”).

And much of these hard-hitting, headbanging tracks will soon be performed live on stage in the US, when the trio supports Soulfly on the road. Sbrana: “We can feel the fire in our veins, the band is hungry and ready to kick some ass. See you on stage!” Nkoloso: “It’s really gonna be hard to select the setlist for our show because all songs are extremely lethal.” Modisaemang: “I am very excited for the tour, ready to get back on the road, ready to get back Infront of the fans and ready to play some absolute HEAVY METAL.”

‘Hate Spell’ Track list:

1. Intro
2. Bloody Quills
3. Sasabonsam
4. Hate Spell
5. Blood Dripping From Torso to Toes
6. Shape Shifter
7. Mankind Creation
8. Eloko
9. Witch Haunting
10. Spirit Board
11. Conquest
12. Juju King

Skinflint/Soulfly Tour Dates:

FRI 2/17 Teaneck, NJ @ Debonair Music Hall
SAT 2/18 New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom
SUN 2/19 Hamden, CT @ Space Ballroom
MON 2/20 Boston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall
TUE 2/21 Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground
THU 2/23 Syracuse, NY @ The Lost Horizon
FRI 2/24 Buffalo, NY @ Rec Room
SAT 2/25 Mechanicsburg, PA @ Lovedrafts
SUN 2/26 Pittsburgh, PA @ Crafthouse
TUE 2/28 Columbus, OH @ Skully’s Music Diner
WED 3/1 Flint, MI @ The Machine Shop
THU 3/2 Battle Creek, MI @ The Music Factory
FRI 3/3 Joliet, IL @ The Forge
SAT 3/4 Belvidere, IL @ The Apollo Theatre
SUN 3/5 St. Paul, MN @ Turf Club

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