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The Kelly Deco Band return on December 2nd, 2022 with their latest album, ‘Constellation.’ Hailing from California, the band’s leader describes his music as “Retro-futuristic, rock, love, and fantasy. Songs with a mix of old 70s rock and futuristic spins on Bowie, Meatloaf, Anthony Newley, and Love.”

Deco also points out that legendary Producer & Grammy Winner Val Garay “really delivered that 70’s sound we wanted, and he invented.” And concerning standout tracks, he said, “Check out ‘Destination Fascination,’ ‘Automat Girl,’ and ‘Waiting for the Girl, ‘Take the Red Pill,’ and ‘Creature Dream.’ ‘Automat Girl’ is a great sounding 70’s riff on a classic Edward Hopper painting of the same name, where we finally understand what’s happening there. I love the paintings of Edward Hopper, and With ‘Automat Girl,’ I really feel the excitement of running away through the streets of NYC with the girl of my dreams and nothing but the night and the stars above.”

You can stream ‘Automat Girl’ here: automatgirl.OPR

Pre-save the album here: kdconstellation.OPR

In the early ‘80s, the band began playing such famous LA venues as the Troubadour, Gazzarri’s and the Whiskey A Go Go, and recorded music connected to Robert Stigwood at United Western Studios, included the songs “Get Out” and a ballad called “Working for a Chance to Survive.” Stars aligned for meeting up with Richard “Dickie” Davis of Buffalo Springfield fame (coincidentally good friend of producer/engineer Val Garay).

And this was the point that Kelly began his time working as a scenic artist in the movie industry. The song “No Reality” (written in 1982), was soon trademarked, and would serve as the symbol for the Kelly Deco Band. “No Reality” was the best-known track from his first CD, ‘Big Fish,’ recorded at the Record Plant Studios in Sausalito 1983 and 1984, while more tracks were added in Los Angeles studios, until ‘Big Fish’ was officially released in 1990.

The stars then aligned and the independently-produced video for “No Reality” (directed by Wayne White, three-time Emmy award winning designer for ‘Pee Wee’s Playhouse’ and Peter Gabriel’s “Big Time”) became widely publicized. The clip was played on numerous nationwide video programs, garnering national attention, and ultimately charting in Billboard Magazine’s Viewer’s Top Request on the nationwide program ‘Night Tracks’ in 1991 for most requested video. “

Later that year, Kelly made personal appearances on the California Music Channel in San Francisco, promoting the “No Reality” video, and Total Request Video in Arizona as well as the popular San Francisco Program ‘Art Attack.’ In 1994, Kelly released the CD ‘American Dream,’ followed by the release of ‘Get Out,’ with the title song originating from the 1982 Stigwood session at United Western. The stars aligned once again, and Kelly’s most recent recording is with legendary and Grammy award winning music producer Val Garay. The current album, ‘Constellation,’ is in final stages of release.

Deco: “More to come – Imaginary videos and live shows.”

Please check out the EPK link here where Kelly discusses the new album: Constellation (Album EPK)

Kelly Deco Constellation
Track listing

1. Destination Facination
2. Turn it on
3. David Bowie’s Brain
4. Constellation
5. Automat Girl
6. Creature Dream
7. Waiting for the Girl
8. Mr. Tomorrow
9. Voyage to the Silver Sun
10. Dancing at the Fall
11. Gone




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