Veteran midwest metal outfit Conquest return with their latest album, ‘Paradox,’ on Friday, May 10th. Available as two vinyl records or a single CD (plus available on all streaming services), the album continues in the same direction as their previous studio offerings, as evidenced by such standout tracks as “Walking Dead” and “The Writings on the Wall” (both of which have already been issued as music videos), as well as a cover of the Rainbow classic, “Man on the Silver Mountain.” 

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Walking Dead –

The Writings on the Wall –

Comprised of Derrick Brumley: Lead Vocals and Guitar, Mike Crook: Vocals and Guitar, Rob Boyer: Vocals and Bass, and Lee Skyles: Vocals and Drums, ‘Paradox’ was also produced and mixed by Derrick (and engineered by Adam Long), the band’s latest album is getting rave reviews via metal media, including the Rock You Show site saying “I have to give this one 9.5 out of 10 “Flaming Fist”. You nearly get 2 albums worth of great quality music, including a stellar cover of Rainbow’s “Man on the Silver Mountain”. I thank them personally for keeping the Metal torch lit in these times of darkness”. 

“This was a record that took 3 years to make had many different obstacles,” admits Derrick. “But we made it through and it was a blast to put together. All the band members did an outstanding job from The melodies on the bass to the blazing guitar solos and the strong aggressive drumming…these guys helped me put it all together. And it turned out in my opinion over the top.”

And the singer/guitarist/producer also has some favorite tracks in mind. “Lots to choose from. The obvious tracks ‘Walking Dead,’ ‘Writing on the Wall,’ there are all kinds of different heavy metal tracks on this record. ‘Babylon America’ and ‘The Killing Time,’ two different styles but very, very complimentary to each other.”

Additionally, the cover of “Man on the Silver Mountain” is certainly a standout. “‘Man on the Silver Mountain’ for me was always one of those tracks when I was a kid that just stood out. My dad always played it and my friend’s dad’s always played that song, it was just one of those songs in the midwest that really had some grit to it.” 

Lee Skyles added “Recording the PARADOX album in the studio was rewarding in the sense it felt to be very organic in nature with the even flow of the songs as we wrote them and recorded. As some songs were done with such feeling between us in the room together and other tracks we laid the drums later on the fly like ‘Babylon America’ and ‘World of Hate’ which gave it more of what you would want it to be like. PARADOX was truly a metal masterful piece of work in which keeps the old school metal flavor in a modern form.”

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And having already shared concert stages with the likes of Slayer, Rob Halford, Testament, Iron Maiden, and Yngwie Malmsteen, the band can certainly deliver the goods on stage – which the band will soon be doing with shows in support of ‘Paradox.’ 

And fans will get a chance to experience Conquest live on stage on July 12th, when the band performs with Burning Witches at Diamond Music Hall in St. Peters, MO. 

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Paradox Tracklisting:

1. Of The Devil’s Creed
2. Walking Dead
3. Save Me
4. He Shall Return
5. Celtic Mist
6. Love Amplified
7. Valley Of The Damned
8. Dying To Live
9. World Of Hate
10. Writing On The Wall
11. King Of The World
12. In The Heavens
13. Babylon America
14. The Killing Time
15. Last Goodbye
16. Man On The Silver Mountain 

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